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Working Principle of Welding Mesh Machine

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Circuits are closed so that they are equal at all closed circuits and currents; but resistance varies from place to place, especially at unstable contacts, where resistance is the largest, which is called contact resistance in physics. According to the law of thermal effect of electric current (also known as Joule's law), Q = I^2; * R t knows that if the electric current is equal, the higher the heat is at the place where the resistance is greater, the resistance of the column head is the largest during welding, and the electric heat generated at this place will naturally be the largest. When the column head presses the longitudinal and horizontal diameters together, it releases a great deal of heat, which makes the transverse diameters. The longitudinal diameter dissolves and bonds instantaneously.
1. Welding machine can be used only after water is supplied. The movable parts of the welding machine should always be lubricated, and the welding parts should be welded after cleaning, so as not to damage the electrode or affect the service life of the welding electrode.
2. When the welding machine is working at the temperature below zero centigrade, the cooling water left in the cooling pipe should be blown away by compressed air after welding, so as to avoid the freezing cracking and freezing of the pipe and welding transformer.
3. Welding mesh machine should be repaired and maintained after power failure. Operators should wear canvas gloves and work around their bodies to avoid scalding.
4. Welding machine should not be damped to prevent leakage of electricity. Long-term unused welders should check whether the insulation resistance is qualified before using. 500V megohm meter is used to test the insulation resistance between the power supply line and the outer shell of the welder, which is not less than 2.5 megohm.
5. There should be no corrosive gases, chemical deposits and corrosive, explosive and flammable media that seriously affect the insulation performance of the welding machine in the site where the welding machine is used.
6. Welding mesh machine should work strictly according to rated load sustainability rate, and no overload is allowed.
7. Water distribution filters in gas source treatment devices must be drained regularly, and the water level should not exceed the warning line. Otherwise, compressed air containing water will enter the oil mist and solenoid valve cylinders, resulting in accelerated wear and tear of solenoid valve cylinders, or even unable to work normally.
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